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USDA Federally Inspected Processing

The Wasatch Back’s only USDA Inspected meat processing facility


Heber Valley Meat is proud to offer USDA Inspected meat processing and partners with Gary’s Meat in Payson, UT for inspected slaughter. Heber Valley Meat is the only USDA inspected meat processing facility in Wasatch and Summit counties to offer processing to local farmers and ranchers. Meat processed in inspected facilities can be sold direct to consumers, wholesalers, resturants, online, and more. Inspected meat can be shipped across state lines as well.

Customers are assured that our facility and processes meet and exceed the stringent requirements for cleanliness, documentation, tracability, testing, and more.

Contact us or call us at 435-315-5825 to schedule now.


Pricing is generally the same as our Custom Processing prices, though some differences may exist based on volume, custom labeling requirements, etc. Please contact us to discuss exact pricing.